TGMC 2013 



In TGMC 2013 students are required to develop Mobile apps, based on their own ideas (some scenarios are also available on Students have the liberty to use their flight of fantasy to think new, innovate and create something that they would like to see as a mobile application.

The contest registration will remain open till 15th Dec, 2013 and the submission last date would be 15th Jan 2014. The contest would formally conclude in Feb, 2014.

Students are required to develop an Mobile App and submit the same to IBM, the site for TGMC 2013 is

The pot-of-gold at the end of this TGMC 2013, is a 100 internships being offered across the software industry country-wide which will be made available to students around Feb, 2014, based upon the results of TGMC 2013.

Followings are the link of resources. Students can use these links for self study and  for downloading software for Mobile app development IBM Worklight,

4. Getting Started with you first Worklight Application

5. Worklight How-Tos [Various articles from Basic to Advanced category]:

6. Worklight Videos:

7. Worklight Application Center:

8. IBM MobileFirst TechTalk series:

9. IBM MobileFirst website

10. Other useful resources:




 For furhter details go through the attachment